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tonight where he talked to the people who got sick. eric? >> reporter: they didn't have to walk into the deli to get sick, food wasicatered to them as -- was catered to them. the owner says he feels terrible about it and for a while so did his customers. >> reporter: shut down for a day. north park deli is back open. some of the customers are now getting back on their feet. >> woke up during the fight -- night, saturday night. >> that is when the diarrhea set on. i couldn't move. >> they are among 50 employees at a biotech company who got sick with norovirus. she thought it was something she cooked. >> i got rid of the pasta and decided i was going to die within the next couple of days. >> reporter: when dozens of co-
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workers called in sick monday the company alerted the health department which determined two employees at the deli were the cause of the virus. >> deplorable. there are things that are out of my control. >> reporter: his deli had a thorough cleaning and always had an impeccable record. he hopes his customers will come back. >> reporter: his employees showed no signs of being sick, we talked to customers about it and we are putting that together for 6:00 p.m. live, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. a monitor released a reported about the police department. he calls the lack of progress unacceptable. opd was ordered to implement 51 reforms as part of a
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settlement. the department is regressing. he says it continues to come up short when it comes to investigating complaints against the department and reporting the misconduct of officers. the chp will continue patrolling the streets of oakland for the next 30 days. it is unclear who will pay the bill for the patrols. in november the chp agreed to help oakland patrol with the state picking up the tab but that deal expires today. the city and the chp are trying to work out a new plan to pay for the extra help. in atlanta a student shot and wounded another at price middle school in atlanta. police say a resource officer subdued the shooter and took him into custody. the victim was hit in the back of the neck and the wounds are
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not life threatening. police locked down the school before busing students to parking lots where parents could pick them up. >> police believe they found the man who shot up an office in phoenix. police found the car in a parking lot in mesa and near the car was the body. he died from a self inflicted gun shot wound. he is the suspect in the shooting at a phoenix office building where a man was killed. it happened at the end of a mediation session over a lawsuit. two veterans faced off on capitol hill today during hearings for chuck hagueal. they hammered him on the issues of israel, iran and nuclear weapons. but it was the exchange with
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john mccain that produced the most fire works. >> i would like an answer. >> i am not going to give you a yes or no. i will defer that to history. >> he said as defense secretary he would work on relationshipsships. now to our super bowl coverage from new orleans. tonight a defensive back on the 49ers is apologizing for comments he made about gay players in the nfl. ktvu's joe fonzi is in new orleans and tells us how chris culliver faced the media today and what he said. joe? >> reporter: frank, we talked about this throughout the week, the super bowl is about fun and games but one or two serious issues come up throughout the week, that see the case today -- that was the case today.
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chris culliver's comments went viral today and this was the first time he was available to the media and the last time either team will be available to the media till sunday's game. he didn't duck the issues but his comments sounded different than earlier. >> i am sorry i offended anyone. like i said it was an ugly comment. it is not what i feel in my heart. hopefully i grow from this experience and situation and i love san francisco. anybody have any entitlements -- >> reporter: 49 brass and teammates weighed in on a day in which they would have preferred to be talking about football. >> i do believe that that is not -- there wasn't malice in his heart. he is not that kind of person. he is not a -- he is not an ugly person.
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he is not a discriminating person. >> as far as being gay does that bother me? you know, it is indifferent to me. we come and play football. >> he wants to grow. he wants to learn the community, learn more about the communities at large in the bay area. it is up to us to treat that with intolerance and say no he doesn't have that opportunity or take him at his word. >> reporter: if it is about learning for chris culliver, he learned a lot this week. reporting live from new orleans, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. [ singing ] [ singing the national anthem ]
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beyonce opened her presence conference by singing the national anthem. coming up why she decided to sing. also how 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's appetite could earn him free meals for the rest of his life. plus illegal merchandise. >> the first game won't be played at the new 49ers stadium till 2014 but it is weeks away from selling all of its tickets. they only have a few dozen left to sell. they are going for $80,000 a piece. for that price, 50-yard line seats and access to walk on the sidelines behind the players during the game as well as
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tickets to sunday's super bowl. they are the second most expensive behind the 150,000 seats at the cowboy stadium. parkway was shut down after a spill. it happened about 8:00 a.m. this morning. officials say liquid and powdered pool chemicals mixed together and formed a vapor. the truck driver tried to clean up the spill but overcome by the fumes and drove off. another driver reported feeling ill. hazmat was called in and cleaned up the spill. a mobile home fire killed a woman. it broke out at 11:30 p.m. last night. a police officer arrived that home to find a man inside the
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front door looking dazed. the officer pulled the man to safety. firefighters founded a woman, the body, in a back bedroom. firefighters say it appears that is where the flames broke out. neighbors describe a frightening seen -- scene. >> we saw flames as tall as the tree. 30, 50 feet high. >> the coroner said they are not releasing the name of the woman who died. key uc workers' contract expires today protests drew attention to what they say is unfair treatment at the hands of uc. live with how gold and cat food figure into this fight. >> reporter: all is clear now here at the central office but two hours ago protesters showed
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up complaining about pension costs to the lowest paid workers. [ music playing ] >> reporter: about 50 people, mostly union represents demonstrated. protesters made a display, gold representing outgoing president's pension of $230,000 a year. and cat food representing the uc workers. >> your greed and your choice to line the pockets of top executives will put us back in poverty and force us to survive on cat food. >> reporter: a noon time protest at university of california at berkeley and at the 9 other uc campuses in california. the protests are in an effort to bring attention to stalled negotiations between uc and the union representing 22,000 employees. their contract runs out at
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midnight. >> i worked at uc for 20 years and i am worried about my pension. >> reporter: that is what they are most concerned about, pensions. >> no real retirement. i have to wo till i die. lot of people are in that situation. >> we are fortunate we have a pension. most americans don't and we want to ensure that it is well funded. >> reporter: the two sides are still negotiating. even though the contract expires tonight there are no plans to walk out or strike. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama is expected to sign legislation to raise the nation's debt ceiling. they passed a bill that exends the ability to borrow new -- extends the ability to borrow
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new money. the measure suspends the $16.4 trillion debt limit and requires congress to pass is a budget by april. judge in san francisco heard arguments on a motion to throw out the city of oakland's lawsuit. the feds want to sees the property because they say it is in violation of the controlled substances act. the city sued saying it would create a problem for people who need marijuana to treat their medical conditions. the judge did not indicate when she would rule on the motion. this is not your grandfather's world, still ahead. >> get to know them better. >> some children take on police officers on the basketball court. but it wasn't all about hoops. the bigger message game. >>nd how much womber can the temperatures -- warmer can the
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temperatures get and will it last into your bay area weekend? i am back here in 10 minutes with all the details. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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no apple? no problem. the mac world conference opened. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live to show us how they appear to be going strong. >> reporter: indeed. since it is in the small haul, like a phoenix, they keep rising from the ashes, can it continue to fly? >> reporter: they have grown to 300 exhibitors, double two years ago, expected attendance is down 15%. no longer about macs. about what going in and on apple devices. hundreds of small firms. >> like a forest fire. comes through and after the
5:16 pm
fire all of these new enterprises sprout up. >> app that teaches children about making the earth greener and when they reach a new level it does just that. >> use the points to plant trees. >> reporter: this teachads language skill -- teaches a language skill. this programmer wants an app. >> can learn to write apps that will sell in the app store. the first thing is getting people to accept the fact they can. >> by adding a high power wifi device you can increase your speed. >> reporter: opinions vary.
5:17 pm
>> with the way technology is moving -- >> they will have a phone and tablets. i see it will grow. >> reporter: and mac world continues its run through saturday. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. california's stem cell agency is considering new proposals. they came under fire who say members of the board represent some of the schools that are being funded. the board has proposed a new system to avoid conflicts. it would ban board members from voting on any grant that could go to their school. for a second time a jury hasn't been able to come to aziz in the case of a crime lab technician accused of stealing drugs. deborah madden is accused of
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taking cocaine from the lab in 2009. today a judge declared a mistrial after jurors reached an impasse. her first trial ended the same way. all of the attorneys will be in court february 15 to discuss what to do next. deborah madden's actions and other problems led to the closure of the unit. the wife of a former police officer has been arrested. she is suspected is as an accessory to her husband's theft of parking meters. her husband was arrested in november. she faces charges of being an accessory. the family of a 7-year-old girl says the girl is expected to leave the hospital today. this comes as a middle school near the shooting held a basketball game between police and students. ktvu's paul chambers tells us
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it is about building ties for a safer community: >> game to give back. >> get to know them better and get a better connection with the people that is helping the community. >> reporter: today the students atook on teachers and member -- took on teachers and a member of the police department in a basketball game. three days ago a 7-year-old was shot and injured. >> something that is not new but they felt safe having the officers here. >> reporter: she was assigned to the school as part of a grant that put 25 officers at schools this year. students aand staff say having -- students and staff say it is a welcome change. >> positive role model. helps you with problems. >> their presence is monumental
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for the school site itself. you know, the students feel they have a safe environment to come to. >> reporter: although the officer won the game the mission is for the students to know the officers are here and care about them, which builds better community relations. >> that break down between the stereotypes. >> reporter: today's game was a success and they plan to do it again. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. valentine's day came early to union square today for charity. five sculptures were unveiled part of the hearts in san francisco fundraiser to benefit san francisco general hospital. the table top hearts were made by artists from the bay area. they will be auctioned off february 13 at an event at at&t park along with 8 hearts that are 5 feet tall.
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yesterday at 5:00 p.m. our chief meteorologist bill martin told us today would be the warmest day of the week. bill, today it felt that way. >> you noticed? upper 60s and long the coast, 70s. february, right, hours away, upper 60s. that is how it goes again tomorrow. more warmth and no rain. look what we be outside. temperatures from today. santa rosa, that is significant. the 62 in fairfield, see how it is cooler inland, which is the opposite of the summer months. right? hotter inland. warmer long it coast, bay. 69 redwood city, a lot of the cool air hangs out in the central valley. show you where the jet stream is going. over the top of us. come in close. i show you the fog, blown off shore a little bit.
5:22 pm
that is because -- see that? when the winds go in that direction, pushing the fog away it warms us. in that pattern the air is sinking, and it is warming. that is what we got. i am super large right now. i will get smaller. promise you that. you will be able to see your city. 62 oakland. 60 concord. 58 in walnut creak. 59 in san francisco. nice out there right now. 63 santa rosa. what is going on with the rain? records to 1860, right, this is the third driest january since 1850, before california was a state. records go way back. impressive how little rain we have had. we are not getting rain so the record sticks. ground is wet. valley fog back in the forecast. tomorrow is friday already,
5:23 pm
weather looking good. enjoy it. 100% of average. rough number for the bay area. some areas more. but we do need the rain. every day that goes by without rain the numbers dwindle. that is the last thing we want it do. over night lows. 33 santa rosa. frosty condition. tomorrow, back to where they were today. when i come back, we will look for rain and which day on the weekend will be the warmest. >> thank you. following a developing story, 14 people have been killed in an explosion in mexico city and dozens more trapped. more information. and fake super bowl merchandise and what has been confiscated. >> up in flames, a house catches fire, what some good samaritan did and what she was
5:24 pm
screaming before she was saved. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. weave breaking news -- we have breaking news out of mexico city. rescue efforts are underway after an explosion, killed 14 people and injured dozens more. people were seen running through the streets evacuating from buildings. it shook the building which is
5:27 pm
the mexico's state-run oil company. no word on what caused the explosion, 30 people are believed to be trapped in the debris and 3 floors were damaged. earlier in the day the company ordered the building evacuated because of a electrical problem. the nfl and agents call it operation red zone. their contract down on fake nfl merchandise, that was word in new orleans just this morning. they say this season they grabbed $13.6 million worth of fake gear such as jersey, caps, t-shirts. it is a growing problem. people can buy on the internet for a fraction of what it is to buy the genuine article. >> we will put people in jail, take people's profits and make sure that american innovation
5:28 pm
is protected as much as possible. >> the feds say anti- counterfeit cops are out. the 49ers are in the super bowl, in san francisco today they showed fake items, they got from street vendors this week and they did not have to go far to find them. >> my own personal experience, yesterday i was coming out and a guy set up a table in front of me and started selling it. so later on that day we took his stuff. >> locally they confiscated $300,000 worth of fake gear this week and they expect to grab more as they continue their enforcement through sunday's game. few good good samaritan rescued a woman from the backyard of a burning home. it broke out at 10:30 a.m.
5:29 pm
this morning when firefighters arrived the back of the house as you see there was engulfed. three men pulled the woman over a fence. one of the bystanders heard the woman screaming my dogs. not clear how many dogs. the woman refused an ambulance but taken to the hospital by relatives. [ singing national anthem ] >> the super bowl halftime headliner, so why did beyonce something national anthem at her press conference today? >> the fight to save san francisco city college, we will tell you more. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. [ singing national anthem ] >> sending a message loud and clear. just days before her super bowl halftime performance, beyonce silences her critics. beyonce confirmed what many suspected, she lipped sink her performance during the inauguration ceremonies last week. - ken wayne -- ktvu's ken wayne is live from new orleans. >> reporter: beyonce held a unusual news conference here earlier this afternoon. she wasted little time in making a musical statement to her critics. [ singing national anthem ]
5:33 pm
>> reporter: the singer belted out the star bangled banner. no doubt she can sing the sound even though there was criticism during the inauguration. she said there is a simple explanation on why she used a pre-recorded track. >> i am a per freaksest and i did not have time to rehearse. it was a live television show and a very, very important, emotional show, one of my proudest moments, due to the weather, the delay, no proper sound checchi did not feel -- i -- sound check, i did not feel comfortable. >> reporter: saying she was born to do this. there has been many news conferences in new orleans this
5:34 pm
week, aside from media day this attracted the largest number of reporters. see behind me, there are 7 to 800 chairs and this place was packed. couple of reporters said they weren't here to cover beyonce, they just wanted to see her. live in new orleans, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. restaurant chain is offering to feed colin kaepernick fee for the rest of his life. after hearing about his love of red robin the ceo took out a newspaper add to make the offer. the only catch is that colin kaepernick has to lead the 49ers to a super bowl victory over baltimore. red robin will offer 2-1 burgers to 49er fans in the bay area if the 49ers win. we just saw ken wayne part of our team in new orleans. they will have live reports in every newscast leading up to
5:35 pm
super bowl sunday and following the super bowl, switch over to ktvu channel 2 news you will see a live post game show right here on ktvu. tim flannery said they raised $75,000 last week for bryan stow. his concert on sunday was the last of four by them. the money helps the family with medical bills. he suffered a serious head injury in an attack outside dodger stadium in 2011. he is back in the hospital because of a blood clot in his leg. he will be hospitalized through the weekend. in a story we brought you last month, the da said the owner of a used car lot has been arrested after he disappeared with the cars. the owner faces 6 counts of
5:36 pm
grand theft. they left their cars with him to sell for them. some of them found the empty lot last month and the cars gone. others said they got checks for the sale of their cars and they bounced. he could face six years in prison. meeting wrapped up on the future of san francisco city college. san francisco city college is facing a loss of accreditation and the threat of closure. ktvu's cara liu is in san francisco with what leaders are doing to keep the doors open. >> reporter: that meeting was held on the 14th floor, wrapped up a short time ago. it brought together key stake holders for san francisco city college. it included students, faculty, san francisco city college are trying to avoid closure by making a number of reforms, one change in the works, getting rid of expensive properties and
5:37 pm
leases that are not necessary and eliminating job redundancy by consolidating departments. some say the message is they are dedicated to staying open and they want students to continue enrolling. >> we are here standing to say that it is so important to remain open that we are reminding students who were thinking about other colleges around the bay area that don't enroll there. >> we stand with our instructors and with the administrators in fixing this problem together. >> we are not done. we are not near done. and that is why, you know, there is an environment of real pressure to get things done and it is not always the most pleasant but it is what has to
5:38 pm
happen to meet the deadlines. >> the college has ll march 15 to report back to the commission. the commission's decision is expected by june. live in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. big change in california's ethnic make up, the new report and when they are expected to lose their minority status. >> and why the state of washington is now hires and why officials are trying to find experts in marijuana cultivation and quality control.
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a new report shows that latinos will become the dominant ethnic group in california. the number will be equal to the number of whites by this july and will exceed the number of excites by next year. by 202041% of the population will be latino. 37% will be white. that mix is expected to have a big effect on politics and public policy in the year's ahead. unemployment benefits increased last week. 368,000 filed claims. up 38,000. it comes after the number of
5:42 pm
applications dropped to 5 year lows. on wall street today stocks were down as investors wait for the job's report. the dow is down 49 to 13,860. the nasdaq is down 0.18 at 3,142. the s&p is down 3 at 1,498. the times is accusing chinese hackers for breaking in to their computer systems. they began during the investigation into reports of wealth being accumulated by relatives of the chinese premier. they may have been trying to find out of reporter contacts. the state of washington put out the help wanted sign looking for expert marijuana consultants. they held a marijuana job fair this week. the state launching the law that legalized marijuana. it also calls for state license growers, retail stores, quality
5:43 pm
control to guide the process. >> war is over now. now they invited us. >> i never thought that i would sit here and watch us debate how to roll this out. >> or a joint. >> or a joint. >> the new program may trigger jokes but there is serious money at stake. >> very fact that you got a call means we got to do a better job. >> safety concerns at local hospitals. and what one is going going to start doing tomorrow to protect employees. >> back here in 10 minutes, clear out there now. clouds seep in this weekend. how does that impact the warm temperatures? i will let you know.
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ktvu learned highland hospital will start using security measures in their rooms tomorrow. nurses tell ktvu they be been concerned over their safety on the job. ktvu's claudine wong investigates the security challenges facing all hospitals across the nation. >> reporter: an inmate escaped in oakland. couple weeks ago, workers were attacked. two years ago he held a worker at gun point. highland emergency room nurses
5:47 pm
upset with the management contacted ktvu recently. after a loaded gun was found on a patient. one said administrators don't work with the patients, it is not going to effect them till one of us gets shot njured or -- shot, injured or killed. they say with patient loads at record levels security is a challenge and says it is a national problem. >> the world is changing. hospitals as a whole have to look at how they provide security for their employees and patients. but also maintaining speed of service. >> reporter: a 2011 study by the emergency nurses association found the problem is getting worse. 3/4 of nurses who are victims, said they got no response from their hospitals. they represent nurses at sutor and kaiser hospitals. >> there safeeling it is just -- is a feeling it is just part
5:48 pm
of the job. people are sick, have a lack of resources. we all see people that should be treated. >> reporter: but some nurses say the answer is in the basement and sents us this picture in attorney general for -- in storage for year. >> give us any help. >> not simple. 95% of hospitals in the country do not use metal detectors. previous administrators realized to support them, to maintain them we didn't have the infrastructure. >> reporter: they told us they aren't considering the idea. but ktvu learned highland will now start using security ones in their emergency room. >> it is in the process now. >> reporter: highland says a concerned nurse called the commission that over sees public hospitals and says
5:49 pm
following an inspection no issues were found. highland said being safe isn't the same as feeling safe. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> they have used them in the emergency rooms for years now. the centers for disease control and prevention issued a warning involving hedge hawks and salmonella. 20 people in 8 states got sick last year after handling hedgehogs. one person died. they are recommending anyone handling hedgehogs or toys to wash their hands thoroughly. no illnesses were reported in california. new figures show u.s. deaths in afghanistan are hitting their lowest level.
5:50 pm
the u.s. lost three soldiers from california last month. the president said american troops will be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. it could begin as early as the spring. judge said september three is the date for a surgent accused of killing afghanistans last year. he patients -- afghanistans last year. they aring for the death penalty -- asking for the death penalty. google maps includes a tour of trails that grand canyon. today they releases images that map the most popular trails that south rim and other walk ways. in order to obtain the pictures google mounted cameras on hikers. they are hoping to begin gather
5:51 pm
images of other national parks, and forests. what you felt outside didn't sync up with the calendar. >> it is rough when you get the nice weather because it will get wet and cold and we are not going to be ready for it. feels like april or may. upper 60s. nice run. glad you are enjoying it. but we can't do this much longer without consequence. jet treme is up here. winds -- stream is up here. winds. i like it because you don't need it, you can see the clouds going away, whenever the clouds go that way, right, that is the opposite way, that means it will warm up. as we head into tonight, temperatures on the mild side but it will get cool. 63 oakland. 60 in fairfield. another nice day tomorrow. friday already, hu? things are looking good. february, it won't feel like
5:52 pm
that. tomorrow is like today. valley fog this morning. i anticipate more patches of it. but it is not impacting everybody. be ready for that. bay area weekend, we are looking for clouds to move in. this high pressure is doing its job tomorrow. again, saturday morning as well, this low pressure works its way in. it drops down off the coast and spins clouds our way. i am not going to drop the temperatures that much. see the direction of the winds? it will pull in milder air. saturday and sunday, despite the clouds, partly cloudy skies, temperatures will be warm. saturday and sunday 60s. so there is the system, saturday night, clouds come in. sunday kind of more, pushes it away. that is that system. non-player really. other than clouds.
5:53 pm
increasing day time highs. tomorrow, you get the picture. 68 santa rosa. what is that? 68 san jose. 69 morgan hill. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, i don't know, i feel guilty when i look out to the mid-west -- >> just for a second. >> we have really good weather. >> thank you. maybe limping, but no longer lost, the dog disappeared more than four years ago, how he finally made it back to his family. well, well, well.
5:54 pm
growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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a man has been reunited with a pet who disappeared four years ago. ktvu's janine de la vegas us how the dog made its way back home. >> we saw him when he was a puppy. >> reporter: this is oriole, a sweet six-year-old, his hip is broken and his knee cap is dislocated. right now none of that matters to his owner. he is happy to have him back. he lost his wife to cancer last year and thought he lost the dog four years ago when the dog slipped out of the backyard.
5:57 pm
on tuesday someone spotted him roaming around in daily city. >> has to be a miracle. 7million people in the bay area and the dog has been gone for four years. >> reporter: workers discovered he had a microchip, that is how they got in touch with him. >> he come right up to me. never fussed or nothing. felt like he was at home. >> reporter: he is now at the animal hospital where they are caring for him. he believes someone was caring for him till the injury happened. >> most likely a car hit him two months ago and then probably whoever had him couldn't take care of him. >> reporter: he will be going through surgery today to repair his hip and knee. he will go through several weeks of physical therapy and they expect him to recover and have full use of his right leg. janine de la vega, ktvu channel
5:58 pm
2 news. budget cuts make it tougher to get a court date. 25 positions will be cut and 5 courtrooms will be shut down. the judge said that will mean further delays for people with court business. >> the three men accused in a home invasion face a judge. coming up in 2 minutes the new crime added to the list of charges. >> and a purse snatcher meets her match, the woman who fought back when a thief ran away with her hand bag.
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